Filling & Care

Each of our jewellery pieces are supplied with detailed filling and care instructions to help you with your precious memorial jewellery as follows:


Solid Sterling Silver Memorial Jewellery

All genuine Sterling Silver will tarnish over time so we recommend that you conduct regular maintenance of the surface by using a soft polishing cloth, silver polishing cream or silver polishing cloth. Silver is a precious metal that should be worn with care as it is subject to scratching.Solid Gold Memorial Jewellery

Solid Gold jewellery will not tarnish and any fingerprints or marks which appear from everyday use can be removed with a jewellery cleaning cloth (plain - untreated) or a very mild detergent mix, rinsed in clean water and dried with a plain soft cloth.

Gold Vermeil Memorial Jewellery

Gold Vermeil is a heavy layer of gold over Sterling Silver. It is a very durable form of gold plating however these designs should be never exposed to any liquids or chemicals.  It can be wiped with a very soft cloth (slightly dampened with water if necessary).

Brass, Bronze and Pewter Memorial Jewellery

Some skin types may react to brass, bronze or pewter pendants. A silicone coating has been applied to our range of products made from these semiprecious metals to help avoid this. Please maintain these pieces with a soft polishing cloth.

Titanium Memorial Jewellery

Our Titanium jewellery is best cleaned with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth.

Stainless Steel Memorial Jewellery

Stainless Steel can be maintained by gently cleaning it with a mild detergent and drying with a soft cloth.


We recommend that you care for your Memorial Jewellery the way you would a non-waterproof watch, ie remove your pendant prior to showering, swimming and sleeping to ensure the jewellery is not damaged in any way. All of our cremation jewellery is highly water resistant; however you should never fully immerse your pendant in water for any period of time.



  • Remove pendant from chain and unscrew the opening either by hand (for screw top bail), or with a small screwdriver (for screw openings). If you have a screw top bail which is tightly shut use a toothpick (or opened paperclip etc) through the top fixed ‘loop’ as a lever to open it. Simply feed it through the fixed loop, grasp at the middle and twist.
  • Place the end of the funnel provided into the opening and carefully place a small amount of the finest ashes into the funnel. You may need to push a toothpick into the funnel opening to help them to go through. If the opening is particularly small, it can sometimes be easier to use a folded piece of paper to ‘slide’ the ashes into the pendant.
  • After filling, clean the opening with a cotton-bud or toothpick. At this stage if you replace the screw, or twist the top bail back on, your pendant will be safely secured and water resistant; however you may wish to permanently seal your pendant as described below.
  • If you are putting a lock of hair inside the pendant/charm you may wish to tie a cotton thread around the strands and then push them inside using the toothpick.
  • Please REGULARLY check that the screw or screw-top bail is tightly closed.
  • NB: Be sure to keep some ashes in a different location to your jewellery in case your pendant is ever lost or stolen.

 Please read these instructions in full before commencing filling. 

Filling Cremation jewelry urns

If your pendant opens with a screwdriver please take care that it does not slip and scratch the surface.



To further waterproof memorial jewellery we recommend using a small amount of clear two part metal adhesive. Most hardware stores will have this. It is best to use an adhesive which takes a few minutes to set as you may need to adjust the alignment. (We do not recommend using superglue as it dries too quickly.)

Please ensure that the threads are as clean as possible to ensure good adhesion. Using a toothpick or similar, apply a very small amount to either the threads or the inside of the threaded opening and carefully screw shut. Be sure that none of the adhesive spills on to the pendant - if it does you can try to remove it by quickly wiping with a soft lint-free cloth. Allow at least 24 hours for your pendant to completely set. NOTE: Even when sealed your pendant should never be fully immersed in water for long periods of time. To ensure a 100% waterproof seal please speak to a jeweller about soldering your pendant shut.

Thank you.