Jewellery Filling & Sealing

All of our memorial jewellery is supplied complete with detailed instructions and ALL accessories needed for filling.

If you feel uncomfortable at all about filling your cremation jewellery urn most Funeral Homes will be more than happy to do this for you. 

If you wish to fill your pendant yourself, which you can easily do, please follow these instructions carefully.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the opening and closing of your cremation jewellery urn and read these instructions in full before commencing filling and permanent sealing.  Once a pendant is permanently sealed, as described below, it cannot be opened again.

Pendants with a screw port opening (a tiny screw in the base or back of the pendant) require extra care when opening and closing to ensure that the screwdriver does not scratch the surface of the jewellery. The screw is designed to sit flush with the pendant.

Filling Cremation jewelry urns

  • Make sure you have a plain coloured, level surface to work on. If you are filling a pendant which has a screw port opening (with tiny screw) we recommend you have something to put the screw in once it's removed as it will be very hard to find if it rolls or falls to the floor.
  • Unscrew the opening either by hand (for screw top bail), or with a small screwdriver (for screw port openings).
  • Place the end of the funnel provided into the opening. Carefully spoon a small amount of only the finest ashes into the funnel. You may need to stir the ashes around in the funnel with a toothpick to allow them to go through. If the funnel becomes clogged remove it from the pendant, turn upside down and clear with the toothpick. Once cleared resume filling again. The pendant should only be filled to about 90% of capacity.
  • After filling, clean the opening with a cotton-bud. and clear the threads by taking cap on and off, or putting screw in and out.  At this stage if you replace the screw, or twist the bail back on, your jewellery urn will be very safely secured, however you may wish to waterproof your pendant.  No cremation jewellery is waterproof without this step. 


    If you wish to have your pendant withstand short periods of contact with water you you can use an adhesive to seal the opening.  All cremation jewellery requires this procedure if it is to remain water resistant.  (Note: Gold Vermeil jewellery should be kept as dry as possible).

    To waterproof the pendant we recommend using a small amount of clear two part metal adhesive.  Most hardware stores will have this. It is best to use an adhesive which takes a few minutes to set as you may need to adjust the alignment. (MJA does not recommend using superglue as it dries too quickly.)  Please ensure that the threads are as clean as possible to ensure good adhesion.  Using a toothpick or similar, apply a very small amount to either the threads or the inside of the threaded opening and carefully screw shut. Be sure that none of the adhesive spills on to the pendant - if it does you can try to remove it by quickly wiping it with a soft cloth.

    Allow at least 24 hours for your pendant to completely set.
NOTE: Even when sealed with adhesive your pendant should never be fully immersed in water for extended periods of time and should be removed prior to swimming or showering.

If at any stage you feel uncomfortable about filling your memorial jewellery you can ask your local funeral home to do this for you.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep some ashes aside in case your pendant is ever lost or stolen.