Frequently Asked Questions About Memorial Jewellery, Keepsake Lockets, Memorial Lockets and Cremation Jewellery Urns

memorial lockets

  • What is Cremation Jewellery/Memorial Jewellery/Jewellery Urns?
Cremation Jewellery (also known as memorial jewellery, jewellery urns, keepsake jewelry, cremation necklaces, lockets for ashes, hair lockets or cremation vials) is jewellery which has been designed as a miniature cremation urn to safely and discreetly hold a small amount of cremation ashes or other keepsakes to remember a loved one.  Cremation jewellery is a unique and modern alternative to traditional photo lockets, allowing you a great variety of memorial options with entirely fillable pendants capable of holding precious mementos.  Memorial Jewellery is also a very affordable alternative to memorial diamonds and gems made from ashes.

Cremation jewellery can be used to hold memorial keepsakes such as a lock of hair, fur, soil from a funeral burial site or some dried petals from the funeral flowers and can be worn or stored in an elegant jewellery display in your home.

The MJA range of memorial jewellery includes memorial lockets designed especially as a memorial for the loss of a baby or child, infant loss or miscarriage as well as designs especially for pet loss.

The idea of cremation jewellery was originally developed by our manufacturer, Madelyn Company, over 15 years ago.  Read the Madelyn story of inspiration here.

  • How Much Cremation Ashes or Keepsakes Will My Keepsake Locket Hold?
All of our cremation jewellery, except the Stainless Steel designs, have an entirely fillable interior.  A generous amount of precious metal has been used to create each piece resulting in a solidly constructed urn pendant with the interior entirely fillable.  The Stainless Steel designs hold a pinch of ashes behind the opening.

  • Are All The Keepsake Pendants Suitable for Engraving?
Yes most of our collection can be engraved with names, dates and messages of love.  Please ensure that you use an experienced engraver to engrave your precious memorial jewellery.

  • I am organising a funeral through a funeral home.  Can I arrange to get my cremation jewellery through them?
Yes.  You are welcome to have your funeral home contact us with your requirements or you can ask your funeral home to put some ashes aside for your jewellery.  Most funeral homes are happy to fill the jewellery for you and work with you on your memorial jewelry needs.

  • Is Cremation Jewelery Suitable for Holding My Pets Ashes or Fur?
Yes.  MJA offers a selection of memorial jewellery keepsake pet urns which have been designed specifically to remember a beloved cat or dog, however all of the ashes jewellery designs are suitable for pet cremation ashes or fur. Our selection of pet memorial jewellery is the perfect way to keep the memory of your beloved pet close to you.  Each pendant can hold a small amount of pet cremation ashes or some of your pet's fur.  We also supply Double Chamber pendants which can hold both fur and pet ashes in two separate chambers.

  • Are There Other Types of Jewelry For Ashes?
MJA offers an extensive selection of bereavement jewellery including cremation jewellery for men, ashes pendants designed for infant loss or child lossmemorial braceletsmemorial lockets, cremation lockets, locket bracelets, necklace vials and jewellery designed specifically as miniature pet urns.  

  • How Do I Fill My Cremation Jewellry Urn?
Please refer to our Filling Instructions for a complete step-by-step guide to memorial jewellery filling.  Every memorial jewellery pendant is supplied with these Filling and Care Instructions together with filling accessories to allow you to feel confident when filling your pendant for ashes.  If you feel uncomfortable about filling your keepsake memorial locket you can ask your local funeral home to do this for you.  They will usually happily do this.

  • How Do I Care For My Urn Pendant?
MJA recommends that you care for your memorial jewelry urn as you would any piece of fine jewellery. We strongly suggest that you follow the Care Instructions supplied with your ashes pendant.

  • What is Gold Vermeil?
Gold Vermeil has the look at feel of solid Gold without the high price.  Vermeil is a very heavy layer of 14k gold overlaid on solid Sterling Silver. It is very durable and, with care, will last a very long time. Traditional gold plating will wear off quite quickly and is not anywhere near the quality of Gold Vermeil.  Please note that even though Gold Vermeil is a durable plating of gold it isn't ideal for wearing continuously over long periods of time as contact with skin will eventually cause the plating to wear thin.

  • What is 14k Gold and How is it Different to 9k, 10k, 18k or 24k Gold?
24 karat Gold is 100% pure Gold but this precious metal is rarely used in its pure form for jewellery because it is very soft.  Pure gold is not durable and scratches and dents very easily.  It is the addition of other metals that produces the different karats, and therefore variations in colour and hardness.  

18k or 18ct is 18/24s pure gold (or 75% pure gold).
14k or 14ct is 14/24s pure gold, (or 58.5% pure gold).
10k or 10ct is 10/24s pure gold, so it is less than half gold (or 41.7% pure gold).
9k or 9ct is 9/24s pure gold, again less than half gold (or 37.5% pure gold).

To obtain different karats, pure Gold is blended with a number of metals - usually a mixture of copper and silver in Yellow Gold and nickel or palladium in White Gold.  The 'k' or 'karat' is therefore a unit of fineness.  Each of our quality Solid 14k Gold cremation jewellery urns carry a 14k Hallmark.

  • What If I Lose My Cremation Urn Jewellery?
It is very important that, if you are scattering the majority of your loved one's cremation ashes, you keep a small amount in a safe place in case your memorial jewellery urn is ever lost or stolen. Your memorial jewellery can be replaced but you will need more of the precious ashes of your loved one to fill it.