About Madelyn Co

Madelyn Company is the originator of keepsake jewellery and, though the idea has been imitated around the world, Madelyn Keepsake Pendants remain the benchmark for quality cremation jewellery.  

What makes Madelyn Keepsake Pendants even more special is the inspirational story behind the name.

Over 15 years ago Lisa Saxer Buros (Wisconsin, USA) embarked on a very personal journey following the passing of her Mother, Madelyn.  She wanted to feel closer to her beloved Mother so together with her friend, Joni Cullen, she designed a very precious and unique piece of jewellery.

Here is how Lisa and Joni describe the inspiration behind their jewellery:

Madelyn"In March of 1992, our family lost a wonderful, spirited friend and mother. Her views on life were inspirational: 'Love the moment' and 'Death is the greatest adventure of all.'

Still, in the months that followed, we sought another source of comfort and strength. From Madelyn Saxer's zest for living and her ability to embrace death, the concept of the Keepsake Pendant was born. A symbol of continuing love ... a reassuring remembrance to keep close to one's heart.

In creating our pendant line, we had a simple purpose: to enable others to cope more easily, to hold a source of comfort in their hands and to find peace in their hearts.

Our Keepsake Pendants bring memories to an even more personal level by holding a small portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers. The pendants may be worn or displayed in a glass dome.

The opportunity to choose a Keepsake Pendant presents itself only once - the comfort a Keepsake Pendant offers, lasts a lifetime."

Lisa Saxer Buros
Joni G Cullen
Janesville, USA