Solid 14k Gold Cross Keepsake Locket
Solid 14k Gold Cross Locket (shown with Snake Chain)

Solid 14k Gold Cross Keepsake Locket

Price: $1,300.00
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The Madelyn Solid Gold Cross is made entirely of solid 14k Gold with a high polished finish.  This elegant style is timeless and has been made to exceptional quality standards.  (For information about 14k Gold please see 'About Solid Gold' further down this page.)

Opening is via a secure and discreet screw top bail. The bail of this pendant unscrews to allow access for very precious keepsakes (a lock of hair, soil from a burial site, dried flowers etc) or a small amount of cremation ashes.


  • Solid 14k Gold Cross Keepsake Locket
    - 21mm x 13mm (excluding bail)
  • Funnel for Filling
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Filling and Care Instructions

This pendant carries a '14k' stamp together with the "Madelyn" insignia - a symbol of the finest cremation jewellery available worldwide.


24 karat Gold is 100% pure Gold but this precious metal is rarely used in its pure form for jewellery because it is very soft.  Pure gold is not durable and scratches and dents very easily.  It is the addition of other metals that produces the different karats, and therefore variations in colour and hardness. 

18k or 18ct is 18/24s pure gold (or 75% pure gold).
14k or 14ct is 14/24s pure gold, (or 58.5% pure gold).
10k or 10ct is 10/24s pure gold, so it is less than half gold (or 41.7% pure gold).
9k or 9ct is 9/24s pure gold, again less than half gold (or 37.5% pure gold).

To obtain different karats, pure Gold is blended with a number of metals - usually a mixture of copper and silver in Yellow Gold and nickel or palladium in White Gold.

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